Culture and Creative Industries in Germany

Research Report commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Initiative Culture and Creative Industries of the German Federal Government. (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media)

The  study introduces two important new focal points to the discussion which were not included in earlier culture industries reports. Internal segmentation is newly introduced as a basic element for the investigation of culture and creative industries. This means that the complex of branches is determined by the fundamentally different types of enterprises it contains and their specific structural characteristics. Internal segmentation breaks up branches into major companies, small and medium enterprises and micro enterprises or freelance workers. Each of these actors is analysed with respect to empirical data as well as to its structural characteristics.

English summary Culture and Creative Industries in Germany, February 2009

English long version Culture and Creative Industries in Germany, June 2009

Forschungsgutachten Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft der Bundesregierung, Februar 2009

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